Wheatbelt Region Western Australia.

Western Australia's Wheatbelt Region is currently experiencing a higher-than-normal visitor rate on the web site. This may be a home buyer rotation out of the city for a country-based lifestyle where home prices are lower, and most locations are within 300 kms from Perth. In the past, local LGA's have been very proactive in attracting new residents, business, and investments.

Two other sections on the web site list Wheatbelt locations but are not included in the below list.
Coastal Dandaragan & Gin Gin Region
Toodjay Chittering Northam York Region

On the Wheatbelt Region web site, the Top 20 Wheatbelt Region locations by views are. 

Location and Postcode
Hyden             6359
Merredin     6415
Warradarge     6518
Lake Grace     6353
Narrogin     6312
Walgoolan     6422
Dowerin     6461
Meckering     6405
Kalannie     6468
Nunile             6566
Bencubbin     6477
Kellerberrin     6410
Watheroo     6513
Wickepin     6370
Williams     6391
Cold Harbour     6302
Hines Hill    6413
Beacon       6472
Bruce Rock     6418
Duranillin     6393

Wheatbelt Region Top 10 Locations Map
Wheatbelt Region Top 10 Locations Map

See the Wheatbelt Region listings on the Wheatbelt Region section for more locations. There are another 95 locations listed.

Other Wheatbelt locations with total of 27 listings are also found in the 
Coastal Dandaragan & Gin Gin Region 
Toodjay Chittering Northam York Region