We are kicking off Edition.com.au with a section titled "Scams"

If you own an email account, especially business related, then you are most likely going to receive scam and phishing emails regularly.

I have spoken to a number of people who want information and be forewarned about these scams. Some of these people have lost money to these fraudsters

As having several email accounts we tend to get a lot of these scam and phishing emails sent to us. When they arrive at more than a couple of our email accounts then there is a good chance it will be a scam email. There are other ways to confirm the email is scam but takes a small amount of technical knowledge.

Edition is a news web site that publishes cynical commentary on news, issues and events from Australia and other regions.

In line with our developing Ratings web site we may publish complimentary, scathing or neutral reviews or commentary on products or services usually from Australia. We may include global products, services and assets.

An quote from the Firefox Web Browser home page seems appropriate in today's world.

"Big corporations want to restrict entry. Fake news and filter bubbles are making it harder for us to find our way. Online bullies are silencing inspired voices. And our desire to explore is hampered by threats to our safety and privacy."